Brittany Shane, is a singer songwriter from the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin. She discovered her love for performing dance at the tender age of two and a half and started making music while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her music is a blend of pop, rock and alt-country. Her songs are about love, loss and finding the strength to move on in the form of poetry. Brittany is easily inspired by listening to music, it feeds her creativity and usually sparks a new, original song. Brittany released her sixth album, a self-titled CD, August 12, 2018 at Central Market Westgate in Austin, TX.

Brittany Shane, the sixth studio album from the singer-songwriter was recorded at Resonate and Kennywood in Austin and mastered by Alex Lyon in The Bubble. The album was co-produced by Jeff Byrd (Spoon, Explosions in the Sky, Iron and Wine) and Brittany herself. Jeff was one of the first friends Brittany met in Austin nearly a decade ago, and it was incredibly meaningful for them to make an album together. The self titled CD features various artists such as: Noëlle Hampton-background vocals (The Belle Sounds), Brian Ferguson-drums/percussion (Cory Morrow, Aaron Watson, Stoney LaRue, Curtis, Salgado), Brad Rice -lead guitar (Son Volt, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Keith Urban), Nick Randolph-lead guitar (South Austin Moonlighters, Stonehoney), Michael Tarabay-bass (Pat Green, Chris Cage, Bodeans), Trevor Soetaert-bass (Jon Wolfe, Will Southern, Robynn Shayne). Brittany hopes that listeners find sanctuary in her lyrics. She strives to be the reason someone thinks, “maybe I’ve been there,” and can relate to her songs and lyrics in that way.

Brittany’s first two albums, Out of the Everywhere and Moravian Star (voted Best Live Female Singer/Songwriter in 2000 by Maximum Ink) were released in Madison under her maiden name, Safranek. Once Brittany felt that she had reached as far as she could go with her music in Madison she decided to move to California, “where rock ‘n roll dreams come true.” Brittany sold one of her guitars for a one-way ticket and an opportunity that landed her in San Francisco. She got her start performing in the Fillmore Lounge in 2001 in San Francisco, playing along acts such as Aimee Mann, Chris Isaak, Travis, Liz Phair and many more. In 2003, after a few years in San Francisco, Brittany (now Shane) released her third album, Decked Out, which was voted Top 20 Local CDs by Aidin Vaziri, San Francisco Chronicle Music Critic. Brittany found further success by moving to California with music placements in both film and TV. Her material has been featured in: The Village Barbershop (2008), Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Channel (2007), Bad Girls Club 2 Oxygen Channel (2008), E! Channel (2008), a National Hyundai TV Commercial (2008), and Parking Wars on the A&E Channel (2009). In 2009 Brittany released her fourth studio album, Have Heart Live Young which led her to opening to Heart Foreigner and Peter Frampton at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA and also on an 80 city tour across the U.S. While on her U.S. tour, Austin, Texas was her favorite city. It reminded her of Madison, Wisconsin; It felt like home. She moved to Austin in the Summer of 2010. Brittany took a short break after the long tour and decided to go out and see as much music as she could in Austin. She soon met Dony Wynn who was performing, and asked her to play a few songs for him. They later went to a show at the Continental Club, she was looking for a guitar player at the time and saw Scrappy Jud Newcomb on stage. Her friend turned to her and said, “that’s your guy.” A wise move. The rest turned into Scrappy playing a few gigs with her and then making an album in the Summer with help from his good friend, George Reiff. The duo worked together on Brittany’s fifth studio album, Loud Night on a Short String in 2012.

Brittany recently started her own program teaching preschool children in Austin, TX about music and playing instruments. The program is called My Music Day. She also spends time taking care of her three year-old son, Oliver. Oliver is Brittany’s biggest inspiration for My Music Day songs! Brittany also fills her free time by swimming for the Masters Team at Austin Swim Club.

Music placements in both film, TV:

The Village Barbershop (2008) the
After Happily Ever After (2011)
Bad Girls Club – Oxygen Channel (2007)
Bad Girls Club 2 – Oxygen Channel (2008)
Living Lohan – E! Channel (2008)
National Hyundai TV Commercial (2008)
Parking Wars – A&E Channel (2009)
After Happily Ever After – PBS (2013)
Daytripper – PBS (2013)
Rizolli & Isles (2014)

And Radio:

KOOP-Austin, TX
KRVO-Kalispell, MT
KPND-Sandpoint, ID
KUWR-Laramie, WY
WSYC-Allentown, PA
WBSD-Burlington, WI
WUWM-Milwaukee, WI
KSMT-Breckenridge, CO
Main Public Broadcasting-Bangor, ME
WYSO-Dayton, OH
WERU-E-Orland, ME
KFAN-Fredricksburg, TX
KXT-Dallas, TX
KSLU-Hammond, LA
WRRW-Viginia Beach, VA